Varietal Digital is a studio that extends my research and practice professionally while also acting as a holding company for personal projects.

    These days, my research interests include:

    • permaculture and regenerative agriculture
    • physical and movement cultures
    • supply chains, finance, and risk management
    • product and organizational development
    • long-term progress and speculative futures

    I hope you will reach out if you might be interested in chatting or working together. I'm always interested in new projects and ideas.

    Please send mail to varietaldigital [at] gmail.com. Or, find me on Twitter at varietalxyz


    I grew up wanting to be a neuroscientist, but, soon after entering college, I found myself disinterested in working in wet labs. Increasingly through my studies, I gravitated towards economics and biology as systems disciplines. Still, as a rising senior, I became disillusioned with academia and its political-bureacratic trappings and began looking for work in industry.

    I started my career taking an entry-level job in the technology industry, teaching myself to be a product manager and learning how to move an organization from zero to one. In my off-time, I was doing much of the same but exploring my interests in food systems and resiliency.

    It was around that time that I also stumbled upon bitcoin. While I didn't have much of a clue, there I discovered the frenetic beauty of financial markets and found parallels in decentralization culture to my interest in communal resilience & agency. Years later, I would find myself professionally working on blockchain infrastructure and financial services. I've been able to meld many influences and ideas over the years into an approach to work and life.