I'm a product person, strategist, and consultant working for the past 10 years in a diverse set of industries ranging from frontier tech (blockchain) to early-stage revenue startups to growth stage startups and large legacy enterprise. I am currently unavailable for fully embedded team work as I am engaged with a Big Tech corporate, but I am actively seeking opportunities to work on new challenges in advisory and part-time capacities. Please reach out if I may be able to help. The following are a number of ways in which I typically work with clients:

    Workshops — I prepare exercises, material, and research to challenge teams working on tricky problems (such as entering a new vertical or assessing go to market).

    Coaching & Classes — I teach and coach entrepreneurs and product managers on product management tactics and strategies. I also help aspiring PMs, starting out or changing careers, make the transition to product.

    Consulting CPO — I work with companies as an embedded executive to bootstrap new products. I will help work with the team to research and define an overall product roadmap from soup to nuts. In doing so, I will often build out the organization, recruit/hire full time employees, engage vendors, and more.

    Product & Strategy Delivery — I also contract with clients on specific deliverables and projects as it relates to product and strategy. These could be competitive analysis briefs, user/customer research, brand strategy documents, UX audits, or product ideation/specification.

    Past Clients include:

    • Bounce Exchange - a $100MM ARR performance marketing technology provider which serves over 300 of the world's largest brands
    • Unchained Capital — a startup financial services firm focused on bitcoin and cryptographic assets
    • Vulcanize - a blockchain infrastructure group researching and developing open source technology, mostly in the Ethereum ecosystem. VulcanizeDB is the caching framework utilized by MakerDAO and other projects; it received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation.