A selection of my favorite reads, tools, and knick knacks.


    • Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality a primer on building tools for human agency
    • Mike Isaac, Superpumped chronicles of the rise and "fall" of Uber and Travis Kalanick
    • Richard Preston, The Hot Zone narrative non-fiction surrounding the emergency response to a highly infectious, lethal disease outbreak


    • Aaron Brown, Red Blooded Risk the rise of the quant practitioners and the theory of risk they took to Wall Street
    • Joshua Waitzkin, Art of Learning a memoir of a child chess prodigy and his journey in finding himself through tai chi, bjj, and introspection
    • Nassim Taleb, The Black Swan sharp truths hidden in heavy-handed aphorisms


    • Neal Stephenson, Snowcrash stories from a satirical, post-cyberpunk, anarchocapitalist world
    • William Gibson, Pattern Recognition prescient sociological fiction with characters to love/hate
    • Frank Herbert, Dune worldbuilding with a lot to critique but also a lot to enjoy



    • Ribbonfarm idiosyncratic ways of looking at the world and technology, outside of the academic context
    • Gwern long-term explorations and archives of internet subcultures and emerging technologies
    • Granola Shotgun the pragmatic intersection of urbanism, food production, home improvement, communities, and resilience. lowercase p prepping.
    • Ian Welsh wide-ranging socio-economic & political coverage on where we are today and what to do about it
    • Roots of Progress history of technologies which shape our world


    • Aaron Brown author of Red Blooded Risk, while not on Twitter, Brown writes a Bloomberg column and is active on Quora
    • Matt Levine covers the Wall St beat consistently and thoughtfully for a lay audience through his Bloomberg column and Money Stuff newsletter
    • Byrne Hobart writing history for the present with a focus on how finance and technology shape our world
    • Lyall Taylor independent investor focusing on value and emerging markets
    • Chamath Palihapitiya not always right, but one of the best storytellers of our time

    Digital Tools

    • Roam Research — personal wiki for note-taking
    • — collaborative visual and link archiving/research (I update irregularly)

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    • Zola — a Rust-based static-site generator
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